Queer Panics: A Collection of Gay-Themed Horror Stories

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Queer Panics: A Collection of Gay-Themed Horror Stories


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Bram Stoker Award-winning author Norman Prentiss offers a queer collection of five horror tales, including the never-before-published story, "Panic."

-- "The Shell (A Zombie Approximation)" - a meditation on love and grief, with hints of decay . . .
-- "Interval" - as family members await terrible news, a sinister presence feeds on their fear . . .
-- "The Transfer Student" - an inexperienced teacher advises a student who struggles with his sexuality . . . but things are not always as they appear
-- "The Well-Adjusted Child" - a modern variation on the changeling myth, as a gay couple's son is transformed by homophobia . . .
-- "Panic" (never before published!) - a shared night in a haunted house isn't the best place to begin a romance . . .