Too Ghoul for School--First three chapters

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Too Ghoul for School--First three chapters


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Witches, ghouls, and mind readers—oh my! Murder and mystery abound in this supernatural novel.

Vega Bloodmire has no problem with the label “villainous witch,” though she draws the line at being called a self-centered hag. Life isn’t easy being twenty-two, drop-dead gorgeous, and the most fashionable witch in all the land—especially while working as an intern teacher at a magical boarding school.

Just when Vega thinks she has student teaching figured out, she is framed for murder. Worse yet, she fears she might have revealed her darkest secret—one so awful she will be shunned by Witchkin society even if she can prove her innocence.

Vega needs to find the true culprit behind this crime in order to save her reputation—and her life.

Clean, cozy, no sex or swearing.