He's Mine Not Hers

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He's Mine Not Hers


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An M/M Romantic Comedy With a Light Daddy Kink, No Love Triangle, & No Cheating

Jason — the son that’s high maintenance.
Becca — the mother with an unconventional approach.
Lucas —the best friend who must choose between duty and love.

Jason and Becca have an unconventional mother-son relationship. They talk about everything and share most things, including wigs and shoes. The one thing they never expected to share was needing the same man. Becca’s best friend. Jason’s long-time crush.

Just when Jason realizes his love for Lucas might not be so unrequited after all, unexpected circumstance causes Lucas to be engaged to Jason’s mother instead. Although temporary, will Jason be able to watch from the sidelines as his beau walks down the aisle with another woman?