Wasteland Marshals

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Wasteland Marshals


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The world ended. Then things got tough.

Shane Collins and Lucas Maddox were US Marshals before. Before the world
ended. Before civilization crumbled. Before Shane developed strange powers.
Before there were monsters.

Now they’re still Marshals, but they ride through the wreckage of what once was
the United States, helping the ragged groups of survivors they find survive against
the challenges of a world gone insane, and the people who still want to exploit
others. Because as long as there are people, there will be predators.

And as long as there are predators, there will be men and women who stand
against them. Lucas and Shane are two of those men.

A new post-apocalyptic fantasy series from Gail Z. & Larry N. Martin, who brought
you Spells, Salt, & Steel