The Laird's Son

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The Laird's Son


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As if the rumors weren’t bad enough, now she’s been publicly accused of witchcraft. And it doesn’t help either that the accusations came from none other than the Laird’s own brother.

Catriona Baxter is a commonplace Highland lass who’s just trying to mind her own business, but that doesn’t stop the Laird’s brother, Aodh, from making plenty of advances upon her. But after rejecting him, Catriona finds her life threatened when Aodh publicly accuses her of being a witch.

To resolve the matter, the Laird orders Catriona to come live on his estate while a proper investigation is carried out. Seizing every opportunity, his son Bhaltair pursues her endlessly. Sparks fly, but will his son’s love for her be enough to convince the Laird she should be saved from being burned at the stake?