Secrets of Avrox

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Secrets of Avrox


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“You’ve found the man of your dreams, only to find out you’re set up with someone else!”

I’ve finally done it. I’ve had an Avroxee dream.
He was everything I thought he would be.
Sexy, perfect, rock-solid.
So who is this creep standing in front of me?

This facility member keeps pushing me into the arms of a sketchy Avroxee, who’s got some wicked plans for this village. He’s thirsting after my curves, but I have my sights set on another. I know Killuk is the man from my dreams. So why haven’t we sealed the deal yet?

Our secret meetings will do for now. But there are eyes and ears all over this place. But I’ll get my real Avroxee mate alone soon. I’ve been planning what I’d be doing to him for a long time now…