The Fats of Life: And What You Don’t Know Could Kill You

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The Fats of Life: And What You Don’t Know Could Kill You


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Low Fat is a great diet, right? Wrong!

The truth is coming out. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported: “The conclusion of an analysis of the history and politics behind the diet-heart hypothesis was that after 50 years of research, there was no evidence that a diet low in saturated fat prolongs life."

And there is more, much more. . . A low fat diet can be deadly!

This book is a guide to the most beneficial fats and oils you can buy – from Almond Oil and Animal Fat, to Walnut Oil. You will read about their nutritional values, their health benefits, and how to best include them in your diet – with some recipes and references to many more. Despite all the adverse publicity they’ve received, saturated fats are not the problem. The truth is coming out . . .