The Hinky Brass Bed

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The Hinky Brass Bed


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Too much of a good just enough!
Lord Randy was bad in bed in 1811, so his magician-mistress turned him into a sex demon with a curse: "You don't get out of this bed until you satisfy 100 women!" Lucky for Randy, two hundred years later, con-artist Clay uses the bed to "cure frigidity."
Clay’s scam works until that foxy fraud cop shows up. Lucky for Clay, fraud-cop Jewel has a weakness for hunky con men!
Jewel is the hundredth woman, and she frees Randy. Now he's her sex slave, and her case against the con artist dissolves in a hail of hormones. Lucky for Jewel, she's got a lusty libido!

"More fun than pillow fighting naked!" - Vicki Lewis Thompson, NYT bestselling author of Nerd In Shining Armor