The Sheikh's Ransom

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The Sheikh's Ransom


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Two cultures collide in a dangerous romance…

At the opening of his hotel in Seattle, Sheikh Malik’s breath is taken away by Eva, a beautiful grad student at the party. Unaware who he is, Eva is drawn to the dark and handsome man and when they share a kiss, their connection is undeniable. After a passionate few days together, both of them realize they are helplessly falling for each other.

When independent Eva realizes who he is, she is rattled but Malik convinces her that their differences mean nothing to him.
Fearing the Sheikh’s new love will threaten his own power, his most trusted advisor, the malevolent Adnam has Eva abducted, planning to have her murdered and use the Sheikh’s grief to take over the country.

Can Malik get to her before Adnam destroys his heart forever?