A Man in Mourning

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A Man in Mourning


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After the Battle of Bosworth, in which Lord Ian Westerby's brother is killed, he finds himself in the position of having to take a new wife in an attempt to produce an heir. But he is a man who is still devoted to his late wife, Eleanor, dead for ten years and as such, he is not a popular choice. His proposed bride is also not a popular choice. She is beautiful, but because of an accident, Lady Francesca Allinton has a twisted leg which has caused her many suitors to look elsewhere.

All he wants is an heir; all she wants is a home and children. But will these two ever put their respective tragedies behind them and build a future? Francesca finds it difficult to get close to her new husband, but she begins to suspect there is more to his continued mourning than he would have known.