Swords and Roses

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Swords and Roses


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Swords and Roses, a box set of two medieval fantasy romance novels set against the backdrop of the Saxon Wars.

In The Celtic Fox: Aelfrida has to decide whether to stay with him or kill him. Tryffin, a Celtic Prince, searches for and finds his true love, Aelfrida, a Saxon slave. There's one problem...she has sworn a blood oath against him.

In The Celtic Vixen: Nesta picks up her deceased husband's long sword and joins the 15-year-old war leader, Arthur, to battle Saxons. There she meets the dark warrior, Ulfin, who, unknown to Nesta, is haunted by the matchmaker ghost of her deceased husband. This ghost has his work cut out for him for Ulfin and Nesta care more about war than love.