Secret Tutor - Bonus Chapter + Epilogue

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Secret Tutor - Bonus Chapter + Epilogue


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Why did I have to get assigned to the new football star?

Chase Francis is the best wide receiver our school has ever seen. Tall, confident, built like a Greek God. You know the type I’m talking about.

Well it turns out Mr. Hotshot is failing Math class. Can you guess which ‘lucky’ lady has the pleasure of tutoring him until he passes?

But there’s a problem. A big problem. I used to date Logan - the team’s starting quarterback. Logan is a mean, lying, manipulative piece of work who will say anything to get you on his side. Friends I’ve known longer than him turned on me… He turned me into an outcast!

If Chase thinks I’m going to put up with his attitude, he’s got another thing coming. I will not give him a free pass and I will not be distracted by his tight, athletic body…