The War Bringeth - by C. C. Brower

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The War Bringeth - by C. C. Brower


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When there are no more governments, other than on paper, one Corporation will rule and solve all povertey and warfare. The solution enabled people to stay "jacked in" and code 24/7, loving the opportunity.

***If the Matrix had a prequel, this would be it.***

We were called to war. And all volunteers. Not for god or country but for our corporation.

The global one. The one we were all warned against. It came in the back door that had built into our culture. The China-Russia pact had founded it, and gradually its handouts and bribes co-opted all the governments until it was just the U.S. and a handful of holdouts that weren’t on board. Until they were.

Our job was simple. We coded. All day, all night. Jacked in and plugged in with all the nutrients we needed to keep us going...