The Beast's Heart

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The Beast's Heart


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A big beautiful woman hunting for her ex PLUS a biker werewolf too hot to be true PLUS a secret about to come out!

Werewolf Colt doesn’t want love. His pack is all he needs. But when he sees Kara, he knows he’s in trouble. He’d fight an entire bar just to get her to go out with him. So he does.

Kara is a curvy woman with a secret. She’s come to a small town on a hunt for her ex. But when she sees local biker Colt, she can’t stop lusting over his yummy butt and bulging biceps.

But neither of them knows the other is keeping a secret. And soon, Kara and Colt are forced to complete three missions, each more dangerous than the next. With two wolf packs threatening to kill them, can they complete their tasks? And if so, will they ever be able to look at each other the same?