Corporate Bondage (Twisted MM Bondage Erotic Romance)

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Corporate Bondage (Twisted MM Bondage Erotic Romance)


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"You'll either be the death of me or my salvation."

I don't do romance. I possess. I use. And when I get bored, I discard. I'm not the good guy. Life stomped all the goodness out of me years ago. Now I'll scheme and manipulate to get what I want.

What Do I Want?
Gio Arcuri

He walks into my office with a confidence that whets my appetite. By force of habit, I am compelled to exert my dominance. This man who matches me in wit and physical strength will get down on his knees. I will make him beg.

There's only one problem.

I've found me a man whose will won't bend even when his body is broken. A man who satisfies my demons only too well