Holy Poison Book Three - The Viscount's Birthright

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Holy Poison Book Three - The Viscount's Birthright


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When Viscount Robert's estranged father dies, he looks forward to claiming his title marrying his sweetheart, Lady Camilla. But his plans are thwarted when he learns his father has made Robert his heir only if he agrees to marry his father's ward, Antonia.

If he doesn't do as his father wishes, he will have nothing so he prepares to forget Camilla and do just that. But he reckons without Antonia who declares she would rather work as a servant than marry such a boorish man. He needs to win her over, needs to persuade her that the marriage will also be to her advantage, but he has made an enemy of her.

At last, she agrees, and finds herself falling in love with him, but when she becomes ill she is sure Robert is poisoning her so he can have his title and Camilla.