The Case of Dr. Dude

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The Case of Dr. Dude


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At the intersection of greed and evil…

…lies a human trafficking.

Can McPherson crack the case?

Retired homicide detective Michaela McPherson put in her twenty and got out. Now, she runs a cop bar and does a little sleuthing on the side with her former partner, retired police dog, Angel. It was a pretty good setup, until she heard about the case.

A young woman went to the dentist.

And wasn’t seen again.

Michaela has a theory, but she can’t prove it. Things get worse when they learn of the woman has diabetes and her time is running out. She must connect the dots, or the suffering will be unimaginable.

If they’re going to save the woman…

…they’ll need to catch a break.

You’ll love this first book in the series, because the characters keep you from putting the book down.