Lone Wolf to Alpha

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Lone Wolf to Alpha


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“Sometimes, you never know what is lurking in the shadows of the past.”
A long lost heir...
A secret plot...
An unruly lone wolf...
An unquenchable lust...
In a quiet little village, tucked away in the mountains there are more than just secrets buried under the snow. The people here have forgotten what has happened before, but there are a few that have kept the secret hidden for years. So when Kayla's car is thrown off the road, she thinks it is just a freak accident until she meets Nate. Nate happens to be one of the few that believe that the true alpha will return. As Kayla and Nate come together and explore their lustful desires, Kayla soon realizes that sometimes history has a way of repeating itself and is caught up in a world she wanted nothing to do with.