Night of Flames (Prequel to Space Colony One)

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Night of Flames (Prequel to Space Colony One)


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A new world colony…

A moonless night…

An alien attack…

Ever wondered what it would be like to live on a starship? It was the only life Ethan knew.

When the colony starship Nova Fortuna reaches the end of its 184-year journey, most of its passengers have grown up aboard ship. They have no idea what it's like to feel the wind on their faces or get wet in the rain.

On the first night of the new colony, Ethan is one of the lucky few who is sleeping planetside. Most of the others are Gens like Ethan, born and bred on the starship. A few are Woken, who were revived from cryonic suspension two years prior to Arrival.

The colonists settle down to sleep, but Ethan is restless. A strange noise disturbs him, and so begins the fight for his life, the lives of the settlers, and the colony itself