Jinxed by Love Collection: Magic and Mayhem Universe

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Jinxed by Love Collection: Magic and Mayhem Universe


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The Jinxed by Love Collection contains three stories full of laughter and love about jinxed characters who just need a win!

Beauty and the Jinx: Ivy Nyx is one hot golfing witchy woman, but lately, her game is just a little bit off somehow. Nothing is going right, and she's starting to believe she must be jinxed.

Jinxerella: When the guy voted most likely to steal her heart comes back to Asscrack, West Virginia, Ella Mae Bevinly is speechless…literally.

Alice in Jinxland: Alice Rogers tried to do the right thing. Yet, her good deed backfired. Now, she's stuck in Jinxland with a handsome, mysterious thief who simply goes by the Knave.