Sundown Apocalypse 2: Urban Guerrilla

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Sundown Apocalypse 2: Urban Guerrilla


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Desperate to find a safe location for his community Sundown sends the silent kangaroo shooter, Roo, and his friend Bongo, across the desert to explore the possibilities of resettling in the Flinders Ranges. There they meet a foe more ruthless than the terrorists.
In Adelaide city the 'house rats' survive by foraging by night and hiding by day. Will this band of misfits meet with tragedy as they try to rescue the emaciated prisoners from the terrorist's own backyard?
Nulla and his group of survivors find themselves living in the midst of the terrorist's army. Nulla finds love but at a price. His small band of warriors live in the forlorn hope of fulfilling what they were ordered to do - establish an armed resistance.

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This is Book 2 of the series