Scorched Haven

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Scorched Haven


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Zeb Crandall spent his entire life being the Third Spear Carrier to the Left--he wasn't that interesting, wasn't that memorable, and just plain wasn't that much to think about--even after his conversion to werewolf.
But he enjoyed being of service to his leaders at Green's Hill, and when a chance came to investigate the tainted werewolves coming up from Southern California and staging attacks on his home, he volunteers to check it out. Less than twenty-four hours later, he's on the run, trying to fight his way back up the state with a new friend in hand. 
Colton may have grown up in a tiny town, but he's seen enough to know that Zeb is one of the good guys. As Zeb hauls them through the state, one danger at a time, Colton realizes his luck in being rescued by one of the best men he's