Eternal Flame - A Time Travel Love Story

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Eternal Flame - A Time Travel Love Story


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What’s an ordinary girl to do when a time-traveling WWII soldier crashes into her room?

16-year-old Julia’s world is already a mess. Her quarterback boyfriend just left her and broke her heart. Her grades are taking a tumble, but all she wants to do is hide. And what if she can’t get into a good college? Would her parents understand?

But her life is about to get even more complicated when she wakes up one morning and finds a soldier from 1944 in her bed.

18-year-old Edmond dreams of leaving the miserable battlefield in France and returning home to America. He wakes up one morning in his own room in Chicago—in 1989! A strange girl lies beside him. To his nightmare, she drives a Japanese car and listens to Milli Vanilli, a German band.

Is their encounter an error in time?