Rabid Lust: Diary of a Booth Girl

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Rabid Lust: Diary of a Booth Girl


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I have volunteered myself to service in a sex booth. I am greatly looking forward to it.

Society as we know it disintegrated on a day that will forever be remembered as the day of the Frenzy. Two years ago a rabid lust struck every male of our species and we haven’t been the same since. The Frenzy was a day where even the more respectable, upstanding men of our kind found themselves overcome with a lust so strong it could only be satisfied inside a woman. If a man failed to satisfy his lust within a short time period, he would perish.

For the good of our men, the safety of our women, and to preserve the sanctity of family, sex booths are now publicly provided. Much like one uses a public restroom to relieve themselves, men can find and use one of the many government provided sex bo