The Revolutionary's Cousin, by Cindy Davies (sample)

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The Revolutionary's Cousin, by Cindy Davies (sample)


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Zahra Ghafoori, an Afghan widow with a troubled past, lives in Tehran, Iran. She is planning to leave Iran for the USA with her fiancé, wealthy architect Karim Konari, and her son Ahmad. The dramatic reappearance of her revolutionary cousin Firzun, whom she believed dead in a bomb blast, changes everything.

Karim’s life takes a different path as he leaves alone for the USA, after Firzan forces Zahra to travel with him to Australia, then abandons her and Ahmad at the airport. Humiliated, alone, and frightened in a country very different to her own, Zahra must overcome many ordeals and try to make friends and a new life. Will Firzun come back for her? And will she ever see Karim again?