Dominus: God of Yule (a Sons of Herne romance

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Dominus: God of Yule (a Sons of Herne romance


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Your next book boyfriend should be a god!

Loving Lorayna could cost him his sacred power...

Months of visiting Lorayna in secret has sparked a yearning that Dominus, god of Yule, cannot shake. Lorayna is ready for any sabbat ritual he wants, even though his intentions are strictly hands-off. When something goes wrong, Dominus is forced to break the rules and give into his urges before the Yule power consumes her. Their passion will alter many sabbats to comeā€”but not before Dominus must defy his father, Herne, to follow his desires and prove to Lorayna that she was not merely another light bearer.

a Sons of Herne urban fantasy romance. Book 2 is available free exclusively to readers who join the mailing list! Details inside.