Pop & Lollie - Triangulum Stain Episode 1

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Pop & Lollie - Triangulum Stain Episode 1


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Pop and Lollie get separated and find themselves trying desperately to get back to where they each belong. Unfortunately, they each have their own major obstacles to ever reuniting. Both are lollipops and are utterly at the whims of the people in whose hands they rest. Will they get sucked into nothingness or will they make it back to their rightful place in the universe? This smutpunk plot will swirl you like a candy crushed lollipop sugary sweet saga. So buckle up and let Moctezuma Johnson blaze you into hyperdrive. You will cross the universe with the SMUTPUNK crew and the Five Hive in an attempt to get Pop and Lollie home. Like usual in the Tri Stain Universe, it all rests on sex and orgasm. So, dip your stick in chocolate and let's get to sucking those sugary sticks.