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Inhibition: The Werewolf's Claim (Secret Desire Book 1)

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Inhibition: The Werewolf's Claim (Secret Desire Book 1)


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Secret Desire is the new hottest club in town for werewolves, vampires, witches, humans, and anyone else who likes a good time. But be cautious of their specialty drinks, a few sips may just unleash your deepest desire…

Cassandra is used to swinging her bad-ass swords around town, keeping the population of her big city safe from magical criminals of every kind. But for all her moves as a fighter, she can’t seem to be more than coworkers with her sexy werewolf partner Ethan.

When she heads out to a new club in town, and the old witch hands her a drink called Inhibition, there’s no way to prepare herself for what comes next. But one thing is for sure, it’s bound to be the best night of her life. And Ethan’s.

*** Inhibition is a short romance at around 6,000 words.***