Hunted by the Lion Mate

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Hunted by the Lion Mate


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Lucas Curtis is a powerful and wealthy businessman who has it all - money, good looks, and a great personality. However, he can’t find a woman to call his own. Many women desire him, but he wants none, until he sees the sexy, Catie (Catherine) Ziles eyeing him at a coffee shop.

After Catie’s sister was murdered by a shapeshifter, Catie made it her life goal to expose them and bring them down.

Of course, the two meet and fall for each other quickly. Before too long, however, it becomes apparent that Lucas is hiding something, and Catie questions their relationship.

Will Lucas do whatever it takes to end up with Catie, even if it means giving up his shapeshifting ways? Or will he stay true to himself, reveal his deepest secret, and risk losing her?