Dynomite: A Stepbrother Cowboy Romance

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Dynomite: A Stepbrother Cowboy Romance


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Legend had it my new stepbrother was called Dynomite because, well, he spewed like a raging volcano.

Dyno Drummond had no reason for vanity as far as I could tell. He was just an outlaw, a down and dirty vaquero who dreamed of being a rodeo star.

He busted his way into my life, fucking everything that walked. Not me. I was Miss Squarepants, holier-than-thou cheerleader. Dyno called me a Force-Me Queen. If only I knew what that meant.

My boyfriend was a brainless goon. Dyno’s only friend was the alcoholic Native American, Sequoia, the kid on the fast track to nowhere.

Dyno left, did a few tours as a SEAL, and came back decorated, mature. He thinks he’s tough enough to become a bareback bronc champ again. He thinks he can break me, too.

I don’t break easily.

Bad cowboy.
Go to my room.