The Swirl Resort, Erotic Swinger's Vacation, Both

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The Swirl Resort, Erotic Swinger's Vacation, Both


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Latisha is a curvy woman with a lot of love to share. She works for the CEO of a multinational company, but longs for a man to give her the right attention. When her boss offers to fly her down to the Swirl Resort, she's taken aback. This is a place known for its swinger parties. How will she fit into the crowd of the rich and beautiful? The Swirl Resort is also the premium destination for men and women who desire a member of another race. Will Latisha find a strong man with blue eyes to give her what she needs?

The first night there, Latisha meets Michael, a mysterious white man. He takes her to the top of the resort and provides Latisha with what she wants. But Latisha finds out that there is more to this trip than she was told. Will her lover be the man to save her soul and body?