Catching His Eye, Part 1

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Catching His Eye, Part 1


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Kingwood Prep is home to dark deeds, dark secrets, and all the things that happen in the shadows.
Liv remained invisible for most of her academic career and expects it to be the same at Kingwood Prep, a one-year post-high school program for those who are bound for the Ivy League schools but need a little extra academic help. When she stands up for someone, she catches the eye of Cutter Kingwood. He lives by his own rules and expects others to follow them too. He’s decided Liv will be his new toy, and though she tries to fight it, she starts to enjoy his attention. He awakens unacknowledged desires inside her, but if she starts to crave Cutter, it will break her heart. She can’t deny their desire, but can she resist what might ultimately consume her?

Part 1 (free) of this completed contemporary new adult serial is intended for mature teens and adult readers 18+ due to some controversial topics and content. It can be classified as dark romance.