The New Awakening Salama Bandari Series Book One

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The New Awakening Salama Bandari Series Book One


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When lifelong friends Danella, Arial, Sara and Rhonda set out on a Spring Break trip to North Carolina, they have no idea it will end in tragedy. When their car swerves off the road, injuring all four girls and plunging them into comas, they’re even more surprised to wake up together in a strange new world.
Salama Bandari is a beautiful realm, ruled by an honest king and his arrogant but handsome son. And the longer the girls remain, the more they discover they are connected to the place in ways that can’t be coincidence.
But a darkness is rising in Salama Bandari, an evil determined to wreak destruction on both worlds. And If the girls stay to confront it, they risk losing the chance to return home to their physical bodies before it's too late.