Dire Straits (A Lost Planet Warriors Short Story)

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Dire Straits (A Lost Planet Warriors Short Story)


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Kara never wanted to be the center of attention and had no delusions about being a hero. Space service was quiet, peaceful - even relaxing most of the time. But all that changed with the arrival in Earth's system of their new Cymtarran allies and the destructive forces of the Skree. Now Kara is being asked to step into a role she's not sure she can handle.

Aeron watched his planet destroyed by the Skree. Helpless, his ship fled the scene with a crew as badly damaged as their ship. They'd hoped to find respite from the Skree, but the monstrous things followed them and the battle has begun anew. Aeron is a warrior first and foremost. Nothing matters more to him than stopping the Skree.

One mission will bring these two together and test them like nothing before.