Demon Rogue

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Demon Rogue


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In 7,000 years, half-demon Kalos Aeon has learned a few things.
Including that old foes rarely stay dead.

Salvage retrieval specialist Kalos Aeon’s quiet existence in the sleepy, dust-swept Texas town of Inonda is about to get turned upside down. A Demon King and an extremely pissed off witch returning from worlds worse than Hell will do that.

Especially when Kalos banished them over a thousand years ago. Not to mention that, aside from old foes who want to kill him, someone's running around Inonda chopping up supernatural creatures. And Kalos is part of the case, whether he wants to be or not.

It’s gonna be a long couple of days in the desert. And Kalos won't be the same half-demon afterward…

Demon Rogue is a full-length novel, and the first book in The Half-Demon Rogue Trilogy.