Siddartha by Hermann Hesse

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When All Roads Lead to Nirvana
The word Siddhartha is made up of two words in the Sanskrit language, siddha (achieved) + artha (what was searched for), which together means "he who has found meaning (of existence)" or "he who has attained his goals". In fact, the Buddha's own name, before his renunciation, was Siddhartha Gautama, Prince of Kapilvastu. In this book, the Buddha is referred to as "Gotama".
In Hesse’s novel, deals with the spiritual journey of an Indian boy called Siddhartha during the time of the Buddha.Experience, the totality of conscious events of a human life, is shown as the best way to approach understanding of reality and attain enlightenment.
Hermann Hesse (d. 1962) published this first in 1922, and in the U.S. in 1952. Please respect your country's copyright laws.