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Freedom is a powerful concept. Find your next story about freedom and triumph in the books listed below! All full books, no samples, so find your next favorite author today!

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The Mike Gomes Starter Library
Mike Gomes
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Blind Gambit: A GameLit LitRPG novel
Jon Cronshaw
In Gambit, the blind can see...

All Brian wants is to be a sniper, but the truth is, he sucks. When a...
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The Siren
Breanna Hayse
Every little girl dreams of being a mermaid- but what happens when a freak accident actually turns you into the closest...
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Perrin Briar
A Mysterious Clock Controls Time. What Happens When It Breaks?

The clock tower is the center of the t...
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Sink: Old Man's Tale
Perrin Briar
A sinkhole is a natural phenomenon. It can happen anywhere, anytime. It drinks lakes dry, consumes jungles, and even dem...
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The Greatest Humans
Leon Cameron
Greg Vance is a hapless millennial, deep in college debt and with no job to his name. When he discovers how to earn a fo...
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The Open Source Time Machine
Joe Vasicek
The day Carl Kearsley proved that time travel was impossible was the day he received a visit from his future self. But w...
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The Robespierre Conspiracy
Steve M
You don't just wake up one morning in a Dystopia.

Which cartoon character best fits you?
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A Thin line
David Boiani
What if a man lost his moral compass between right and wrong, good and evil, mental stability and insanity?
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Anti Life
Allen Kuzara
The opposite of life isn't death; it's something far worse.

In an anarcho-capitalist future, space-ba...
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Hurst: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller
Robin Crumby
What would you be prepared to do to survive in the aftermath of a flu pandemic that killed millions? Where would you go?...
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Conscripted - an action thriller
Chris Lowry
When a young man is following his girlfriend overseas back to her home, a future president and his top adviser recruit h...
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Lincoln Cole
After mercenaries kidnap two drone operators and steal software that can pilot military drones from anywhere in the worl...
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Beaten: A Mason Gray Story
William Markham
A bully. A playground. A day they will never forget. 

A murder. A verdict. A day that will change his...
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Yesterday's Thief: An Eric Beckman Paranormal...
Al Macy
Private detective Eric Beckman can read minds. 

Although he reads only the conscious thoughts of the...
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Ure infectus
Caleb Wachter
In the far future, humanity has settled the galaxy by using a network of wormholes which allow instantaneous travel betw...
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Dark Surrender
Erica Ridley
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Joshua Landeros
It is April 2065. The White House is now a mere memento from an age long gone, the Pentagon is now a daunting tower that...
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Adan Ramie
A drug deal gone wrong. The murder of an old friend. A stolen ride turned kidnapping. Three women follow the same path o...
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Kill the Quarterback
Jim Stovall
When a star quarterback is killed before his senior year, hardboiled reporter Mitch Sawyer must battle personal and prof...
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The Redemption
David Boiani
It has been four years since the case of serial killer Silas Alvah shook the town of Seattle to its core. Retired Detect...
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Hypercage: Instant Reality Prequel One
Craig Lea Gordon
Cyberpunk Techno-Thriller with a twist of darkness where reality unravels in ways unimaginable. Jacked into the construc...
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If The Bed Falls In
Paul Casselle
OVER 20,000 COPIES DOWNLOADED WORLDWIDE Some books inform you about the world. Others provide entertaining escape....
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Stan C. Smith
On a field trip to remote Papua, Quentin Darnell and his students stumble upon an object that could change the world for...
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The Ninth Circle
Lincoln Cole
Arthur Vangeest has been hunting a cult known as the Ninth Circle for months and finally located their base of operation...
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Loved By The Alpha Leader
Anastasia Chase
London Sawyer hadn’t been to Myre Falls since she was a little girl. It was only after her grandfather got sick that she...
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Atmospheric Pressure
Aaron Frale
Olson lives in a city that has been sealed from the outside world. He’s an Eleven Year and close to citizenship. His lif...
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Silkpunk and Steam
Sarina Dorie
Imagine the Victorians had rediscovered spaceflight. Would the British be interested in Japan during the Meiji era on Ea...
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The Hard Choice
Fuad Baloch
The bomb is ticking. The one she planted.

For the past five years, Ruma Nuway has been plotting, plan...
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