Do you love queer romances? Can't get your fill? Want to cut your teeth on some new queer romance authors you might have never heard of? This is the place for you. A queer romance book giveaway with lots of different pairings, book lengths and styles.

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Magical Boys Just Wanna Have Fun
J.C. Long
Fan Mail
Joel Abernathy
The Shock of Survival
Nicole Field
The Horse Mistress: Book 0 with Free Audioboo...
R. A. Steffan
Ilavani Vol 3
Kaelan Rhywiol
A Most Unusual Kidnapping
J.C. Long
Learning from Isaac
Dev Bentham
Ilavani Vol 5
Kaelan Rhywiol
Lucky Number Three
Sloane Peterson
Turning Tables: An Erotic Short Story
Torrance Sené
Just Some Things
Chace Verity
The Companions
C.S Luis
Nice and Snow
Stolen Magic
N. R. Hairston
Lighting Up The Night
Lina Langley
Rock Star for Christmas
Fel Fern
Ilavani Vol 2
Kaelan Rhywiol
Our Big Gay Affair (Or Whatever)
Randi Luxe
Ilavani Vol 4
Kaelan Rhywiol
Kayleigh Sky
When Sh*t Gets in the Way
Ines Vieira
Lina Langley
The Vampire Heir's First Heat (M/M Erotica)
Lyssa Dering
Stake Sauce (Arc 1: The Secret Ingredient Is...
RoAnna Sylver
Prince & Pirate
Elliot Cooper
Her Two Wolves
Bookarama Publishing
Mission: Protect the Ex
Alina Popescu
Rebel Magic
N. R. Hairston
A New Year
J. Scott Coatsworth
Playing it Safe (MM Contemporary BDSM Romance...
Aimee Brissay
Young Forever - a gay erotic thriller (previe...
Nathan Bay
Ilavani Vol 1
Kaelan Rhywiol
Laws of attraction preview (MM New Adult Roma...
Green&Silver Publishing
Bare-Knuckle Love
K.A. Merikan
The Bodyguard and the Heir
C.S Luis