October Action Crime and Thriller Giveaway

Another bucketload of the best and most exciting action novels available today! All of these books and short stories are complete in their own right, and are completely free. Please download any that interest you. If you'd like to know more, each book also offers you the chance to sign up to hear from the writer exciting news about new releases and free books. Please share this giveaway with your family and friends before it runs out.

This Group Giveaway has expired
Code Raven Prequel
Lynda Filler
ICE- A DS Tom Novak short story
Neil Lancaster
Sun Cursed (First Five Chapters)
Megan Blackwood
Yuri Hamaganov
Blood Bath in Rio
Gus Heyerdahl
Conquistadors Trilogy Books 1-3
Dennis Santaniello
Bloody History
Douglas Pratt
Killing Faith (A Gabriel De Sade Thriller Boo...
Eric Meyer
Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops - Raid on Afghanis...
Eric Meyer
Target - 'The Master's Child' - Part One
Simone Leigh
Best Kept Secret
Elsa Joseph
The Witness
Alan P. Woodruff
The Imperial Alchemist
A.H. Wang
Dark Haloes:Kindred
A.R. Zane
Max Dunne: Hunted
A.R. Zane
Double Trouble
Mike Clayton
Lilac and Old Gold, A Zeke Traynor Mystery
Jeff Siebold
Kindred Intentions
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
Awakening (A Necromancer's Revenge preview)
Austin Andrews
When The Guns Were Turned On Us
Christopher McGarry
Naan of Your Business - Chapter 1
Jack Roach
Neven Carr
Unknown Enemy: Broken Earth Book 1
Nick S. Thomas
Polar Bear Dawn
lyle nicholson
The Untethered
SW Southwick
Weakness (Nine Lies Book 1)
Z. A. Coe
When the Wood Is Dry: An Edgy Catholic Thrill...
Joseph Cillo Jr.
Never As It Seems
Gomer Joseph
Battle Earth
Nick S. Thomas
Brothers and Kings Conquistadors: Book 1
Dennis Santaniello
Billion Dollar Murder
Sloane Peterson
Stripper! A Natalie McMasters Novel
Tom Burns
Battle for Cilicia (Star Legions: The Ten Th...
Michael Thomas
Breaking Spirits
Glenn McGoldrick
Shadow Ballet- Betrayal
Izabell Key
Curious Goods - Pandora's Box (Book 1)
Bones Monroe