Broaden your horizons and your historical knowledge. Discover new corners of the world, experience new cultures, and read great stories.
"History is not just facts and events. History is also a pain in the heart and we repeat history until we are able to make another's pain in the heart our own."

- Professor Julius Lester

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The Duke's Daughter
His Everlasting Love Media
The Duke of Wilmington receives a letter from his boyhood friend, informing him that he has the answ...
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Somewhere Still
Denitta Ward
PREVIEW Amazon "Hot New Release Top 100" -Somewhere Still is a coming-of-age story of one woman's tr...
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1929: Book One
M. L. Gardner
As Black Tuesday triggers financial despondency, three young couples in New York City must trade the...
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Davenport House
Marie Silk
Davenport House is the first book in a family saga following the wealthy Davenports and their servan...
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The Rake and His Honour
Endeavour Media
1813 France.

Louise Fauriel, a beautiful young woman from a family who support th...
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Hamilton's Heart
Future House Publishing
By Mercy Madison
Elizabeth Schuyler is the perfect example of an eligible young lady: carin...
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The Guest Who Stayed
Roger Penfound
The Guest Who Stayed is an epic novel of passion, deceit and redemption. Set between two world wars,...
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Murder In Absentia
Assaph Mehr
A senator’s son is found dead, in what looks like a cult ritual murder. His father wants to have a r...
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My Sister's Secret
Bianca Bloom
Joanna is the timid twin, the one who would rather paint than go out. Henrietta is the brave one, th...
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Kingdom of Ash & Soot (Book 1 of The Order of...
C. S. Johnson
PRAGUE, 1870.

For the last ten years, nineteen-year-old Eleanora Svobodová has wo...
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Theodore's Promise
Rose Pearson
Eleanor has always loved Theodore, and, in return, he has sworn his love for her. She swears her lov...
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The Promise
Victoria Saccenti
Short Story
Thrilling drama based in Cuba. 1960

Barely thirteen years ol...
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A Terrible Beauty (Season of the Furies Book...
Stephanie Patterson
Nurse, Annabelle Winslow, returns to London from the Crimean War to face the misdeeds of her past. O...
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Montana Untamed (Bear Grass Springs, Book One...
Ramona Flightner
A passionate embrace ruined her reputation. A moment of desire forced him to break a vow. Will they...
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The Frozen Maze
Sarah Zama
Germany, 1924. Ingeborg left the family estate during the war and never came back, especially not af...
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Devil in the Countryside
Cory Barclay
It's 1588, the height of the Reformation, and a killer is terrorizing the German countryside. There...
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Lucky Hearts
Love Light Faith Books
Tired of being a burden to her sister, Hannah places an ad in the Matrimonial Times. After writing l...
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Path to Old Talbot
Jordan Elizabeth
Charity can escape her unpleasant reality by stepping through the parlor closet of her mother’s new...
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Avenging Angel
Angelique Conger
Eve, mother to us all, and wife of the first man, and she is forced to save him …
While tra...
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Crossing Borders
Grace Fisher
When consumption claims the life of her overbearing father, Rayne Celeste is left alone on his vast...
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Darkest Hour: Tin Can Tommies Book 1
Mark C. Jones
A reluctant young hero haunted by the ghosts of his past. A team of mechanical warriors resurrected...
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Remembering Anna: An American Homespun Novell...
Lorin Grace
The key opens a box, unlocks the past and defines the future.
On her fourteenth birthday in...
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Scandalous Redemption
Amanda Mariel
She never wanted him…

Ruined by scandal, Claudia Akford survived years of marriag...
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Claimed by the Enemy
Shauna Roberts
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Bridget's Story
Keith R Baker
Wars can tear families apart. Civil Wars are even worse. Meet the Finns, Rob and Bridget before th...
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Philip's Rules
Golden Angel
Married once to a Baron who needed a young bride to bear him an heir, Cordelia Astley found herself...
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Pearl Harbor and More: Stories of December 19...
Alexa Kang
This wide-ranging collection of eight stories by a diverse group of authors, who write wartime ficti...
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Her Haunted Knight
Stella Marie Alden
Enjoy this full short story!

She rose out of the cold water, thin tunic plastered against her ski...
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Loreticus and The Convenient Murder
J B Lucas
"I love this book! I'll read this several more times over the next year or more. That's what I do wh...
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Welcome to the Hotel Yalta
Victoria Dougherty
An heiress who can’t seem to keep her legs closed. A Russian plan for dominating the space race. An...
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