Stock up your e-reader with some new-to-you MM romance authors, favorite authors with stories that are new to you, or just something that strikes your fancy!

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Eager To Try (Eagerboyz 0.5)
H.L Day
How To Catch A Bookworm - A Chester Falls Sho...
Ana Ashley
Nathan The bodyguard and the Heir prequel vol...
C.S Luis
Quill Me Now (MM Paranormal)
Jordan Castillo Price
Cover Me: A Badlands short story
Morgan Brice
Better Than New
Charley Descoteaux
The Bodyguard and the Heir
C.S Luis
Paper Kisses
N.J. Lysk
The Clockwork Monk
Liv Rancourt
Tenderly Wicked
Katerina Ross
And We Call It Bella Notte
Shane Morton
The Yuletide Runaway
Eliot Grayson
C.S Luis
Escaping Their Pasts
L N Manning
The Second Act
H.L Day
Dare Me
Shane Morton
Fake and Dandy
G.R. Lyons
White Rabbit
Grace Duncan
Omega on the Beach
Lorelei M. Hart
A Puppy for his Little
Della Cain
The Dreams You Made in the Dirt
Lisa Henry
Treasure Trail—an excerpt
Morgan Brice
Omega in the Hole
Drea Roman
In the Absence of Light
Adrienne Wilder
Trick & Treat (Darkvale Series)
Zoe Perdita
Never Happy After
Allistair Firestone
Need a Hand?
Eliot Grayson
Shoulder Season
Jackie North
The Glory of Love
Jackie North
Heaven Scent
Drea Roman
Toy Story
Allison Temple
Just Desserts: A Joy Universe Novella
Louisa Masters
Master of Halloween
Wendy Rathbone
J. Scott Coatsworth
Treehouse Whispers
Elouise East
Coffee, Tea or Me?
Elizabeth Silver
Spooky Blood
Brea Alepoú
A journalist's cruel pen may lose him the man...