Take a peek into The Shadow Files Box Set!

Magic, mystery, and adventure await you in these 22 paranormal suspense stories!

Ever wonder what lurks within the shadows? Then, search no further. The Shadow Files features your favorite paranormal entities as they battle what prowls deep within their supernatural, mystical worlds.

Dance with Lucifer, cast spells with witches, experience love from beyond the grave, solve a case -- Grimm-style. Tangle with vampires, discover relics, and get ready for adventures more exciting than Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones! Follow mages and rebel angels as they battle the evil threatening to end magic … forever.

If you like your suspense with a paranormal twist, secure your copy of this limited-edition collection from today’s hottest bestselling authors!

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Oath Bound
Amanda Booloodian
Hex Marks the Spot (Excerpt)
Ani Gonzalez
Tethered; The shadow files
carlyle labuschagne
Unhinged (EXCERPT)
Deena Remiel
Serenity Blake, Paranormal Relic Hunter - A P...
Natalie G. Owens
Sample Chapters, Vampire Bodyguard
Katalina Leon
Devil May Dare exclusive to The Shadow Files
Tracy Goodwin
When the Shadows Come Preview
Alyssa Breck
Rosemary A Johns
Loved From The Grave - EXCLUSIVE TO "THE SHAD...
Maggie Carpenter
Gift of Shadows Preview
Amir Lane
The Undead Detective
Jennifer Hilt