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Ready for a new paranormal & horror book to read? Check out these great titles! Happy reading!

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The Creeper Dance, Reaper #1
Darcy Lennox

My name is something that people do not speak of lightly,...
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Heart of Malice (Alice Worth Series Book 1)
Lisa Edmonds
The first time Moses Murphy’s granddaughter killed on his orders, she was six years old. 

For 20 year...
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Dream of Darkness (sample)
H. M. Gooden
Tired of moving yet again, Cat McLean finds herself in the town of Valleyview when her dad is transferred to a new job....
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One Autumn in Kane Grove
Dan Padavona
#1 Best Selling Author Dan Padavona's creepy vampire thriller. Visceral and haunting, for lovers of Salem's Lot and Stor...
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Chasing His Bunny
Golden Angel
A wolf-shifter and a mutant bunny-shifter? It's so crazy it might just work.

Bethany Bunson, her brot...
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Tales of Gale: The Dark Hunt
Halt ArkLight
Gale Warden, a revered bounty hunter, monster slayer, and a blood-born warrior from an ancient creed known as the Shephe...
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Benjamin Appleby-Dean

Amy and her friends don't know what to make of the weird anonymous message...
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Dead Scene
HL Goodnight
Dianna Grant is a temporary accounting worker trying to make ends meet. But when you hunt monsters at night with the hel...
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Alpha Wolf Defender
Emilia Hartley
Tess and Connor are lovers from two rival wolf packs. Tensions between the packs increase as the bear shifters attack! T...
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Siobhan Kearney
When Rachel Bradbury died, she was forced to watch everything she cared for decay or drift away. But when hunky landscap...
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Alpha Ascending - A Prequel to The Blackmore...
Evelyn & Elsa Ives
*Brand-new paranormal romance from the sisters Evelyn & Elsa Ives!*

When Hugo Blackmore arrives on th...
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Witches Gone Wicked PREVIEW: Book 1 in Womby'...
Sarina Dorie
You think you know the world of magical boarding schools? Not from a teacher’s perspective at a school for at risk youth...
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The Crown of Myth: Part 1
Mira Crest
Myth decides to end her life when a horrible prank makes her the laughing stock of the whole school. But the arrival of...
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The Magic of Twelve: Hazel
Pepper North
Pepper North brings you the third story in a magical new age play series! The Magic of Twelve will share the stories of...
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PREVIEW of The Sign of the Symean (A Fantasy...
R.A. Lindo
"If you like the Harry Potter series, you should definitely give this book a try" - Amazon customer When twelve-year-...
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Prisoner of Avrox
Amelia Wilson
“What do you do when a sexy alien asks you to make a baby with him?”

Jocelyn, a biologist, wasn’t exp...
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Ghosts, Werewolves and Zombies—Oh My! A Colle...
Sarina Dorie
These stories contain randy vampires, naughty necromancers and ghouls who just want to have fun. This quirky collection...
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Curious Goods - Pandora's Box (Book 1)
Bones Monroe
Paul received the worst news that a father can receive, his beautiful, precious daughter has a terminal disease. In the...
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The Shikari: Every Family Has It's Secrets
Dora Blume
A deadly betrayal, family secrets have been unveiled. In a world ravaged by demons, sacrifice is necessary. When...
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It Began With a Lie
Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
A fresh start. That was what Becca hoped the move from New York to Redemption, Wisconsin would be for her troubled famil...
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G M Sherwin
From bestselling author G M Sherwin comes a short but terrifying story

A sacrifice will be...
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The Last Woman on Earth
Lee Smart
Natalie is the only person untouched by a strange virus that warps its victims into hideous monsters. Now those monsters...
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David Callinan
Jack Madigan has the perfect life. He runs a mission in the Bronx helping New York's poor and homeless, the lost souls o...
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Mated to the Pack : A Reverse Harem Paranorma...
Jade Alters
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Book of Shadows 2: Rising
Michael Beaulieu
Emma, Lia and Shar are back with new spells and new adventures!

Unfortunately, there are plenty of ne...
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Ghost Bully (First Three Chapters)
Brian Corley
When choosing a new home, Jonah Preston never signed on to have a ghost as a roommate. Jonah knows the previous owner of...
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Ghosts of Bliss Bayou Preview
Jack Massa
True Magic is never an easy road. For sixteen-year old Abigail Renshaw, the terrifying nightmares are not the worst p...
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Demon Hunter (Divine Justice, 1)
Mary Abshire
The demon population is growing out of control and vampires are mankind's best hope for survival. 

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Virgin Mate
Tia Didmon
Lucy Michaels is about to realize her dream of becoming an international photographer when an attack from a rogue cougar...
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The Mirror Wars: Part One
Sean Hogan
He stalks her at school. He watches her while she sleeps. He even invades her dreams. There's no denying it. Sharon is h...
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Blood Song
K.G. Reuss
When hunters-in-training lose focus and become a little careless, someone very precious to them pays the price. Their yo...
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Pocket Wilderness & Other Horrors
Jason Ingolfsland
Two brothers hike the Appalachian woods, stalked by men with brutal intentions. A man wakes up in a car trunk with tempo...
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The Deadly Stripper (Sexy & Damned, 1)
Mary Abshire
Celee’s life has never been easy. It didn’t get any better after she made a deal with a demon. Stuck in a supernatural w...
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Nazri Noor
<b>Death is only the beginning.</b>&#13;&#10;&#13;&#10;Dustin Graves was a jack of all trades, a directionless dreamer u...
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Vampire Worshippers: Book 1 (Preview)
Mira Crest
Virginie is in love with the hot and popular rock singer, Axel Night, but knows nothing can ever come of it. Everything...
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The Raven and The Witch Hunter
H. M. Gooden
Vanessa lives a charmed life as a rising star in a hit new TV series. She has friends and family that love her, as well...
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