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The Forbidden City preview
Alexander Grant
The Flame of Battle PREVIEW!
Melinda R. Cordell
Kaneji: A Curious World Unknown
Alexa McGinnis
The Girl Who Digs Graves
Willie Dalton
Elements of Flames
CR Robertson
Blackmark (The Kingsmen Chronicles #1)
Jean Lowe Carlson
Witchmark ~ Daughters of Hecate (Prequel)
Meredith Medina
The Dry Season
Cassidy Taylor
Hero Forged
Josh Erikson
Dionna's Warrior
Ruby Ryan
Discoveries: Voyages of Fortune Book Zero (An...
Andrew Anzur Clement
All Cats Are Gray by Andre Norton
Midwest Classics Press
The Liar's Tales
K.D. Ritchie
The Girl Without Magic
Megan O'Russell
Night Creatures: Book 1
Ebony Brightman
Rescued by the Woodsman by Aria Adams
Aria Adams
Death by Advertising by J. R. Kruze
Living Sensical
Mermaid's Destiny (preview): A Mermaid & Drag...
Mira Crest
Cesar: The Demon Lover's Chronicles - Book 1
Julian M. Coleman
Cracks and Crevasses
D.H. Dunn
Oracle Chapters 1-3 Sample
Carissa Andrews
The Unleashed Creation
Betsy Flak
Aliya DalRae
Freshmen (The Felix Chronicles Book 1)
R.T. Lowe
When the Cities Died, I Danced by C. C. Browe...
Living Sensical
A Pact with Demons: The Sprite and The Famili...
Michael R.E. Adams
Cardboard Castles
K.L. Young
Signetorium: The Depths
J.A. Hayes
Sea Bound: A Saga of the Outer Islands Story
A. F. Stewart
The Awakening Journals of a Kith 1
Lisa Harrelson
Magic After Midnight
C. Gockel
A Moth In Darkness
Frances Pauli
Innocence Lost
Patty Jansen
A Chronicle of Chaos - Prologue and Chapter O...
D.M. Cain
Hotsuka's Story — Book 1 of the Dragon Pearl...
J F Mehentee
Captured By The Beast
Daniella Wright
Eaparius and the Forgotten Scrolls
Morigan Shaw
Her Ugly Monster
Kaylee Rymer
When the Wolf Loves
Sadie Conall
Angel Hamilton, Humbug and the Unicorn
John Pirillo
Kept Captive
Daniella Wright
The Boy Who Fell Through The Sky: An Epic Dar...
Peter North
Mowab Rider
Lucia Ashta
Shatterwing, Dragon Wine Part One
Donna Maree Hanson
Skip: Book 1
Perrin Briar
If There Be Giants [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Witches Gone Wicked: Womby's School for Waywa...
Sarina Dorie
Pendomus (The Pendomus Chronicles Book 1) - C...
Carissa Andrews
The Edge of Hope (Bad Blood, Book 1)
Alina Popescu
Saving Earth Eternal Flame
Janeen Abdo
Urania Sarri
Return to Lemuria
Richard Gradner
The Magic Shop
Justin Swapp
Spirit of the Spell
Lucia Ashta
Captive Rebel
Erin McDermott
Soul Bound (Preview)
AJ Flowers
Remeon - The Search Begins
J.W. Garrett
Rider's Genesis Preview
Lark Allen
J. Elizabeth Vincent
Forsaken Magic : Witch of the Thorn
Chris Turner
The Fool's Journey Through The Tarot Pentacle...
Noel Eastwood
Jaime Munn
Kinda Sorta Dead (Preview)
Lincoln Chase
Fallen to Grace
AJ Flowers
Derazeas' Queen
Esther Night
The Fall of Vaasar
Rosalyn Kelly
H. Duke
Moon-Bright Tides
RoAnna Sylver
The Lazurai by J. R. Kruze
Living Sensical
A Twisted Past: The Chosen Chronicles Prequel
K.A. Parkinson
Princess of Thorns
Tessonja Odette
The Unbelievable Death of Joseph Goldberg
Oliver Franks
Must Love Ghosts (Coffee and Ghosts Season 1)
Charity Tahmaseb
Daniella Wright
Mnemo's Memory and Other Fantastic Tales
David Versace
The Hunter and the Witch (A Crescent City Arc...
Rachel Chanticleer
Darkblade Assassin (Hero of Darkness Book 1)...
Andy Peloquin
License to Spell (Preview)
Paige Howland
Murder In Absentia
Assaph Mehr
Sink: Old Man's Tale
Perrin Briar
The Summoner and the Seer - Preview
C. Gold
The Fool's Journey through the Tarot Major Ar...
Noel Eastwood
Storm Dragon
Frances Pauli
The Sigil Sampler
Sigil Independent
The Dragonslayer's Sword
Resa Nelson
Harvesting Part 1: A Steampunk Serial Novel w...
Chris Behrsin
Shrine of the Desert Mage (Preview)
Stephen Goldin
Rot: Origin of the Feces
Aidan J. Reid
Owned By The Warriors
Daniella Wright
Curse Breaker: Books 1-4
Melinda Kucsera
The Demons We See
Krista D. Ball
Michelle E. Lowe