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Assassin's Soul
Noella Royce
Forged in Blood and Lightning
S.A. Ashdown
Bite Somebody (Instafreebie Preview)
Sara Dobie Bauer
The Phoenix
Jessica Wayne
Fae's Queen: The Crown of Myth
Mira Crest
The Vampire's Throne: A Paranormal Romance
AJ Tipton
Circle of Blood Book Zero with FREE Audiobook...
R. A. Steffan
Ghosts of Averoigne
Krista Wolf
Family Pride: Love and Challenges
Bright Street Books
Corrupting Xenia Applebottom
Logan Fox
ROMANTIC TAKEOVER - Hijacked By Her Greek Bos...
Passion House Publishing
Melissa Stevens
Coaching the Bear: A Paranormal Shifter Roman...
AJ Tipton
The Hunter and the Witch (A Crescent City Arc...
Rachel Chanticleer
Alpha Wolf Defender
Emilia Hartley
Dragongrove: Mated to the Dragon King
Imogen Sera
The Phoenix Dragons
Creekside Books
East River Bear: North Peak Shifters
Haley Weir
Sold To The Werewolf
Summer Cooper
Royal Blood
Selena Scott
Benefits of Friendship
Scott Wylder
Hunter's Moon
M.S. Monty
Burning Hearts
Eva Chase
Secrets of Meadowbrook
Alexis Davie
Verika Sloane
Step Daddy Desires
Vampire Worshippers: Book 1 (Preview)
Mira Crest
Claimed by Love
Amelia Wilson
The Wild Within: Wolf Shifter Romance
Stacey Davidson
Eternal Entity
Annalee Adams
The Prophecy
Avin Vang
Once Upon A Princess - Two Paranormal Fairy T...
Bright Street Books
Beyond the Gates of Evermoore
Krista Wolf
Dragon's Heart (Dragon Lore Book 1)
Eden Ashe
The Single Dad CEO
Nicole Casey
Within the Walls
Dre Keeton
Pixie Dust
Laura Lee
Lust (Immortal Desires Vol. 1)
Mindy Wilde
Berlin Nocturne
Miranda Jameson
Rider's Genesis Preview
Lark Allen
Skip: Book 1
Perrin Briar
After/Life: Denial
Perrin Briar
Aliya DalRae
Enchant: Beauty and the Beast Retold (Romance...
Demelza Carlton
Disciplining Myyst
Breanna Hayse
The Girl Who Digs Graves
Willie Dalton
Sapphire Gryphon
Ruby Ryan