Fall into a book that sparks supernatural flames with these fantasy romance books! Check out these steamy reads from hot new authors!

Behind the Veil: Beauty and the Daemon by LaS...
LaSasha Flame
Claimed: Dark Breeds of the Lycans
LaSasha Flame
Captive of a Dark Prince
LaSasha Flame
Taken: Nights in Arabian Bondage
LaSasha Flame
Red as Blood - Book One of 'Tales of Blood an...
Simone Leigh
S.G. Prince
Metaphorosis: a collection of stories
B. Morris Allen
The Art of Hanky Panky
Olivia Savage
Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
Raver (PREVIEW), The Horsecaller: Book One
Candace Carrabus
Waking up Cuffed
Melissa Stevens
Space and Stuff 2
Simon Carr
Smoke and Ritual (Beautiful Dark Beasts 1)
Melissa Sercia
Traitor (A Crown of Lilies #1)
Melissa Ragland
Maurin Lee
The Pulcher's Last Dance
Charles N Palmer
Rise of the Viscerebus
Oz Mari G.
The Sailor and the Sea Queen
Charles N Palmer
Verika Sloane
Munzie LeStrange
Assassin's Blade preview!
Melinda R. Cordell
The Isle of Thamber
Timothy S Currey
The Secretary and the Ghost
Gillian St. Kevern
My Alien Warrior Soulmate
Tammy Walsh
A Wicked Chance
Anna Flakk
The Impossible Creation
Betsy Flak
McKayla Schutt
The Unleashed Creation
Betsy Flak
A Brush with Vampires (The Vampire Hunters of...
Betsy Flak
A City in Shadow
Scott Ferrell
The Jump (UNJU #1)
Gleneley L Stander
The Persistence of Memory Book 1: Deja vu
Karen Janowsky
Fool For You
Sage Parker
Mobsters of Love: The Crimes of Eros
H.G. Jones
Dreamers Destiny
S.H. Steele
The Girl from Far Away
Jennifer Austin
Claimed By The Bikers
Bookarama Publishing
First Kiss of Freedom
Nichole Wolfe
Historical Military Romance: The Conquistador...
A.J. Craft
First Second Coming
Jeff Pollak
Blood Remnant
Gabriel Chen
Heroes & Legends Book 1 : Episode 1 Hunted
R. Malak
Sneaky Goblins Book One
Rene Pfitzner
Treasure Trail—an excerpt
Morgan Brice
Sea Phantom
Sarah Zama
Mythic Creature Trainer Book 1
Rene Pfitzner
Tompkin's School (A Supernatural Academy Tril...
Tabi Slick