The Prolific Works team is proud to present the Picture Perfect Group Giveaway! This giveaway has all types of YA and children's books. Claim as many as you'd like and enjoy your new reads!

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Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
This is the first book of a teen fantasy book series that nurtures the bloom of MAGIC in the soil of...
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One Little Word
F.N. Manning
What if the most popular guy in high school asked you for a favor?
Ryan is a loser. Even teachers...
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Into the Darkness
Katie Blackwell
A single love to warm the night.
A flaming sword to win the fight.
This simple spell will cast a...
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Mindful Matters Activity Books for Kids
Kelly Grace
This activity book helps children ages 4-7 learn about mindfulness and have fun at the same time. Th...
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Raw Kingdom: Prelude
Y. Daher
This series follows the adventures of Khadir Daher, an eighteen year old who has never stepped foot...
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Sons of Caasi - Battle for Time - Special Edi...
P.C. Grant
In the wake of a shocking murder that shakes Spatium to its core, and with his best friend's life ha...
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R.T. Samuel
A single elf, hunted by a powerful sorcerer and his army of orcs...

My name is Aydria, and I’m th...
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The Chamber of Genesis
N.E. Michael
In nine days, the world is going to end.

In a Kingdom raging with cyborg gladiators, dual-powered...
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darwin's mum
Doggie Darwin has been asked to speak at the annual prestigious Petsberry Science Competition. It is...
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GAME SPACE - 1st 12 Chapters
Peter Jay Black
“Star Wars meets Jumanji in this High-Octane Adventure”

Trapped Inside Alien Game. SEND HELP!...
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The Identity Thief
Alex Bryant
A shapeshifting sorcerer called Cuttlefish unleashes a terrifying wave of magical carnage across Lon...
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Who Cares!!?
JHK. Ghost
When an organisation that was created after WWII seeks to create the perfect human and starts experi...
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The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card: A Ja...
R Weir
Jarvis Mann is a private detective, whose business thrived on the mundane
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New 2nd Edition of ALL FISH FACES
Tam Warner Minton
Ocean lovers and budding marine biologists will adore the 2nd Edition of All Fish Faces, Photos and...
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Unexpected Tales
Marty C. Lee
Four short stories from Kaiatan, the world of Unexpected Heroes.

In an underwater village in Noka...
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Dylan's Cosydoze
Elsa Joseph
gone? And can Mum
and Dad get Dylan to sleep without it?

A funny, heart-...
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The Last Good Day-Sample
Robert Kugler
Two best friends. One last day. One huge secret that changes everything!

Avery Young is having a...
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Blood Black
Paul Devereaux
"Puberty S U C K S. Combine it with turning into a freaking bloodsucker, and you're completely screw...
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The Lone Ranger
R.T. Samuel
A solitary Ranger raising a ten-year-old Druid. What can go wrong?

I am Damien, the last Guardian...
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M G Knight
10 year-old Arthur MacGregor awakes in the night to find his parents gone and a mysterious intruder...
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Imperium Academy PREVIEW
Rebecca Bosevski
A genetic leap gave her powers, but before she can take up the cape, Ellen will have to brave Imperi...
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Between Best Friends
Karen Cogan
This middle-grade story explores the value of young and old geting to know each other. In this story...
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A Crack In The World
Jessica Metzger
15-year-old Katie is walking outside when she sees a glowing crevice in the sidewalk. She bends dow...
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Learn Vehicles With Mandy
Martin S
Learn Vehicles With Mandy will help your little one to identify various vehicles and practice the re...
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Warscribe - preview
Tony Graff
I am not an experienced soldier. My best friend Corbin and I joined the ranks of the Warscribes only...
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Traitor (A Crown of Lilies #1)
Melissa Ragland
The House of Lazerin is filled with secrets - the kind that end in ruin.

Elivya wants what every...
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Full of It
Kiernan Maire
Meg is a liar.

An actress.


She schemes her way into Rose School but her new classmate...
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Maria Alexander
Book 1 in the Bloodline of Yule Trilogy

Charity Jones is a 16-year-old engineering genius who's b...
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Escape by J. R. Kruze
Living Sensical
Hunted by evil, her only escape was to find the light, but her broken wings couldn't carry her to sa...
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The Nexus Mirror (Chronicles of the Enlai Boo...
noah michael
A fierce, cunning warlord, fighting to save his family.

A beautiful, lonely telepath, struggling...
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Becoming Human
Amy Carpenter
Carter wants his dad back. His dad's crazy claims of aliens ruined his life. Until the girl he's fal...
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Time Control: Pike Gillette Book 1
Rex Bolt
“The greatest time-travel series I’ve ever read - the only one I’ve ever read, but still!”
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Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secrets (Book 1 in Th...
Sherrill Joseph
World-famous Egyptologist Dr. Winston Thornsley died suddenly two months ago in disgrace. His widow,...
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Saving the Fairies of Serenia
Elsa Bridger
Twin sisters, Sophie and Felicity, happen across a plain, leather-bound notebook at their school, on...
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Seven Crowns
Evelina Everest
A crown is dangerous. A crown split seven ways is deadly.

Sixteen-year-old Ana is far from royalt...
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Who Cares 2!!?
JHK. Ghost
The sequel of Who Cares!!?
Continuing the story, Jason has been removed from the mission and anothe...
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Learn Foods With Ken
Martin S
Help your little one to identify their favourite foods with Learn Foods With Ken. Beautiful illustra...
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