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Sanctified (A Branded Book): Free Sample
Uncanny Kingdom
Hexed Detective (A Hexed Detective Book): Fre...
Uncanny Kingdom
Underground Magic (London Coven Book 0)
Uncanny Kingdom
Magic Eater (Dark Lakes Book 1): Free Sample
Uncanny Kingdom
Deathday (Spectral Detective Book 0)
Uncanny Kingdom
Apocalypse Hill (sample)
Uncanny Kingdom
Tough Luck - Saga of the Shamrock Samurai - F...
Dean Floyd
A Magical Reckoning
N. R. Hairston
Eternal Payment- Part 1
Devin McCamey
Nazri Noor
Monique Singleton
The Dragon Sting
W.H. Lock
Merlin's Secret
Jamie Davis
Wolves: I Bring the Fire Part I (A Loki Serie...
C. Gockel
Tom Shutt
The Demon Mirror
David J. Normoyle
Sorceress Awakening
Lisa Smeaton
Death Magic
Mike Kraus
Cursed by Fire
Danielle Annett
The Girl Without Magic
Megan O'Russell
Binding Curse
Mila Young
Fate of the Hybrid, Prequel Short Story to th...
A.K. Koonce
Sweet Venom
Gena D Lutz
Magic Unmasked
Megan Crewe
The Dark Corner
Easton Livingston
Never Save a Demon (A Daughter of Eve Book 1)
J.D. Brown
Half Wolf
Aimee Easterling
Signetorium: The Depths
J.A. Hayes
E. G. Bateman
The Awakening (Project Eve, 1)
Mary Abshire
Off Leash
Daniel Potter
The Ninth Hunter
Anna Hub
The Dharkling Daughter: Dhark & Destined Prev...
C.C. Dowling
Rylee Winters
Girl Desecrated 1984: The Fergus She Series #...
Cheryl R Cowtan
Devil's Taunt and Other Stories
Percival Constantine
Return to Lemuria
Richard Gradner
The Kala Trilogy Preview
Teagan Kearney