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Song Walker - Starseeds One
Ellis Logan
Feeding Frenzy: Curse of the Necromancer (Sam...
Maaja Wentz
The Phoenix Dragons
Creekside Books
The Clown of Chaos
Will Casel Brown
If There Be Giants [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Meridian Chronicles: Hall of Souls & The Boo...
M.D. Fryson
Fear Club: The Masquerade
Eden Crowne
The Magic Shop
Justin Swapp
Secrets of Meadowbrook
Alexis Davie
Hex Ed: Womby's School for Wayward Witches
Sarina Dorie
Z-Minus 1
Perrin Briar
Kristi Helvig
Hell is a Harem Book 1
Kim Faulks
Disciplining Myyst
Breanna Hayse
Hunter's Moon
June Fire
Aliya DalRae
Fallen to Grace
AJ Flowers
Macabre Morsels
Jeff Dosser
Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
Blasted Bloomers
Maaja Wentz
Eternal Entity
Annalee Adams
Immortal Heirs
Jodie Pierce
In Her Dreams
Joanna Reeder
A Moth In Darkness
Frances Pauli
Too Wyrd, Runespells #1
Sarah Buhrman
When Life Happens, Don't Blink
Sarah Buhrman
Searching (A Prequel to the Starlight Chronic...
C. S. Johnson
She-Devil of the Spanish Main
David Miller
Signetorium: The Depths
J.A. Hayes
The Unbelievable Death of Joseph Goldberg
Oliver Franks
Dragon's Heart (Dragon Lore Book 1)
Eden Ashe
Ever Mine
Eden Ashe
Sins of Saint Anthony
Elliot Parker
The Warping - Preview
Ellis Logan
A Moment Before Midnight
Aziza Sphinx
Wilds: A Hint of Hollow
Juliann Whicker
Mason Sabre
13: A Baker’s Dozen of Suspense and Horror Ta...
David Six
Vampire Worshippers: Book 1 (Preview)
Mira Crest
Infraction of the Mind, Episode One of Fortit...
AM Bochnak
Frances Pauli
Shades of Valhalla - Inner Origins Book One
Ellis Logan
Endeavour Media
Preview: Curse of Souls
S Mays
Ghosts of Tamgrove Hall
Jack Massa
Rising Tide: Dark Innocence
Claudette Melanson
Vega: Orc Slayer - Story 1 - Let's Do Shots
James M. Patrick
Alpha Ascending - A Prequel to The Blackmore...
Evelyn & Elsa Ives
Flowers Vs. Zombies: Genesis
Perrin Briar
Fae's Queen: The Crown of Myth
Mira Crest
Alpha's Bride
Deals on Romance Books
Murder In Absentia
Assaph Mehr
Short Horror Trio
Sarah Buhrman
Circle of Blood Book Zero with FREE Audiobook...
R. A. Steffan
Corrupting Xenia Applebottom
Logan Fox
The Making of Michael Bishop
Kathleen Collins
Trials of Magic (The Hundred Halls Book One)
Thomas K. Carpenter
The Rifters
M. Pax