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Raven's Flight: A Dragon Romance
Chrys Cymri
Why had his mother tried to kill him? What had he done to deserve death? Raven looked up at the sky....
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Goblin Queen
Simon Carr
Rejected as a child, Rangalan found family and friends and a home with the goblin folk of the mounta...
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Michael W. Huard
There is an old Legend of one Annabel Lee. It was said that she who was so beautiful, that the angel...
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The Beast Hunter: A Keltin Moore Adventure
Lindsay Schopfer
A small-town hero. A numberless horde. No turning back.

Beast hunter and local hero Keltin Moore...
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Apprentice: The Last Witch of Rome: Book One
Rhett Gervais
Vesper’s destiny was to serve at the emperor’s side, but when the mad Emperor Commodus comes to powe...
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The Night's Chosen - First Two Chapters
E E Hornburg
Chosen of the Moon Goddess. Destined to rule. Fated to marry.

A quest to save her family, kingdom...
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Chosen: A last Witch of Rome Novella
Rhett Gervais
At the end of the Roman Republic, the witch women of the Ose tribe looked to the future, and what th...
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Autumn (Guardians of Magic: Book one)
Melissa Nash
After an unexplainable incident at the Carnival of Games, Sara is forced to flee to the neighbouring...
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Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
This is the first book of a teen fantasy book series that nurtures the bloom of MAGIC in the soil of...
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RUEIN: Rue's Requiem
G.O. Turner
A Necromancer's Past May Hold the Clue

Rue Khorana is no stranger to the dark, taking in what oth...
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Knights of the Dead God
James Jakins
The half-orc girl, Mikaia Goretusk, has been torn from her home. Her world. Her family. Her only all...
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Seven Crowns
Evelina Everest
A crown is dangerous. A crown split seven ways is deadly.

Sixteen-year-old Ana is far from royalt...
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Curse of the Ottawa
Frank Daley
A French-Canadian man killed an Algonquin Indian about two hundred years ago by drowning him in the...
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Magnificent (Book 1 of the Inspirational Sci-...
Chris Baum
Q, a powerful alien held prisoner in Area 51. Mel, a young woman with telepathic powers. One chance...
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Vampires of Twilight Castle
Asher Sharol
War threatens to erupt in the moonstruck city of Nocteraia. Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches roam t...
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SF/Fantasy Reader by New Voices
Living Sensical
New voices bring new ideas and new worlds to you in these six short stories of Science Fiction/Fanta...
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Of Cinder and Bone
Kyoko M.
After centuries of being the most dangerous predators on the planet, dragons were hunted to extincti...
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Dragon Prince: A Qurilixen World Novel (Quril...
Michelle M. Pillow
Grier’s fiery passion for Salena might be everything his dragon ever wanted but loving her might jus...
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The Secret Child
A.J. Ponder
Prophecy says that the Secret Child must be rescued from slavers tonight...

Young Jonathan Goodfe...
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Slaves of the Black Magician (Preview)
Commander James Bondage
Every year for centuries, the Kingdom of Seabourne sent two beautiful maidens to the mysterious Blac...
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Nightbringer:Moon's Rise
christine ramion
At any given time on the earthly plain, there are five envoys, chosen by the gods to carry their wil...
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To Astera, With Love
Amanda Ross
America, 2022 - drugs are legal, witches are real, and a literal vampire is President. In this world...
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Bonds of Chrome Magic
Asher Sharol
The ringed world of the Triskai is only a hair's breadth above the lawless underworld where the demo...
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Alleycat (Sandstorm 2)
Allistair Firestone
Jin Hu knows he's different: from his funny name to silver ends on his hair; from different colorati...
Giveway Expired
Divine Prey
Chris Andrews
For thousands of years the Gods have been fighting to outwit each other in the ultimate war for supr...
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T.M Caruana
A series with the most elaborate quest the world has ever seen, culminating in a final decision that...
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The Spider Children
Bartholomew Lander
Sixteen-year-old Spinneretta Warren doesn't just have a bizarre name. She's got eight spider legs to...
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Snow Blood: Season 1
Carol McKibben
Snow Blood Season 1 by Carol McKibben is the first in a series of short novels (240 pages) retelling...
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Graves' Anatomy
Jace Anderson
Luna Graves doesn't believe in monsters. Too bad they believe in her.

Luna is a tattoo artist who...
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A Shattering Secret
Nicole Putter
At age five, Claire Baxter sees her mother bump a pot of boiling oil that causes the liquid to spill...
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Surrender (a preview)
Chris Baum
A hairy bachelor (Bigfoot) decides to set off on a dangerous quest to find his long lost kin. He kno...
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The Case of the Sunken Spirit by S. H. Marpel
Living Sensical
To rescue a 12,000 year old ghost, you have to learn to breathe water.

Our next mystery to solve...
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Sea Phantom
Sarah Zama
A fairytale retelling set in 1920s Milan

A part of her died in the bombing of the theatre. The pa...
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Heroes & Legends Book 1 : Episode 1 Hunted
R. Malak
Set in the world of Coroleya a land filled with mythical creatures and monsters, you will follow the...
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Family of the Fox
F. M. Isaacs
Corinne Greene's safe, secure world is spiraling out of control. Her brother Daniel is apparently re...
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Human Familiar
Honor Raconteur
Chaotic magic is destroying the known world one shard at a time. Conventional magic doesn’t work. Bu...
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Released by Desire
Melissa Stevens
Teya wakes one morning to discover an unknown man lying beside her. She soon realizes her bedmate is...
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Mages in Manhattan: A Tokyo Supernatural Nove...
Phil Gabriel
Trapping a free magician is like getting your very own genie. Youth, wealth, beauty, all can be your...
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Death is for the Living
J C Steel
By day, Cristina Batista is a deck girl on a Caribbean charter yacht, with all the sun, smiles, and...
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The Sleeping Princess Curse
Honor Raconteur
Young Sevana Warren is faced with the daunting mission of rescuing her best friend from the Sleeping...
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Joshua Winning
Jessica Bell was five years old when she lost her mother to the blight. Now seventeen and working he...
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In The Beginning
Gail Daley
This book contains volume 1 of three Fiction series: Space Colony Journals, The Magi Of Rulari and S...
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Immortal Scars Chapter 1-2
A.L. Williams
Heaven and earth are about to collide as they deal with the budding feelings between them. Can they...
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Lycan Legacy - Prey
Veronica Singer
"Prey," whispered my inner wolf.

There was a certain beauty, a certain simplicity, to her animal...
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The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars
Donovan Neal
"I will be God!"

The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars is book one of a four part series tha...
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Alpha Bear's Fated Mate Prequel
Sheen Silva
She was taken because I couldn’t protect her.
But I’ll get her back because killing her… means kill...
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Wrong Turn At Antares
Raymond Hunter
The Federation of United Planets (FUP) report on developing planets gave Earth low scores, but Stell...
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Mythic Creature Trainer Book 1
Rene Pfitzner
The king’s dragon trainer is fired for accidentally unleashing a corruption on the royal stables. He...
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